Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to Procam, which is why we pay special attention to the way we process your personal data. We have drawn up this Privacy Statement in order to safeguard your privacy to the greatest extent possible. The Privacy Statement explains when we collect your personal data, the type of data we collect, the purpose for which we use the data and how you can manage the process.


Procam collects your personal data when you supply us with those data at an event, on, via social media, by telephone or in any other way. In doing so, you give your consent for us to use your personal data. However, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

If you are applying for an internal job with Procam or if you are a business relation, we will use your personal data to perform the contract we have or may have with you and because we have a legitimate interest in doing so.


We will only use the data necessary for performing our services.

If you register as a (prospective) professional or if you are applying for an internal job with Procam, we will need some general personal data about you, for instance your contact details, date of birth and gender, information about your education, internships and work experience, data about your availability, (information from) any communications you have had with us by email, telephone, social media or apps, data about tests, trainings and courses you have completed through us and any other data necessary to assess your suitability for a particular job, such as references or the results of pre-employment screening. We may also request that you provide banking details and other data necessary for proper human resources, payroll, attendance and pension administration.

In some cases we will also request data which may contain special personal information, such as your CV, a photograph for your profile, diplomas or other proof of competence, your proof of identity document and your Citizen Service Number. We will at all times request your explicit consent for us to use such data.

After you have successfully completed the Procam CareerCraft Academy, we will offer you the opportunity of membership of Procam Alumni. We will need to collect your contact details and (information from) communications you have had with us via email, telephone, social media and apps.

If you are a business relation, we will only use your contact details as well as (information from) communications you have had with us via email, telephone, social media and apps.


We collect and process personal data in order to facilitate mediation between candidates and companies.

  • If you are a (prospective) IT professional, we may use your data:
  • To contact you once you graduate, in order to determine jointly whether the CareerCraft Academy may be right for you.
  • To invite you to attend an assessment day at Procam, including sending you tests .
  • To send you invitations to interesting TechTalks and other events organised by Procam.
  • To send you inspiring content, such as blogs, news releases or fun videos.
  • To send you information about vacancies.
  • To contact you before, during and after any application procedure.
  • To compile a personal profile on the assessment day.
  • If the assessment day is completed to our mutual satisfaction, you agree to us presenting the compiled profile to interested companies.
  • To help contribute to your personal development by sending you information about training opportunities, courses and tests.
  • For management purposes, audits, internal and audit checks and to meet legal obligations.
    Market and customer satisfaction research and internal references.

If you are a business relation, we may use your data to send you information about our service provision, news releases or other commercial communications.


We will store the data of (prospective) professionals who register with Procam for a maximum of 6 months after graduation.

If you register solely for the purpose of being invited to TechTalks or to receive relevant content, we will store your data for a maximum of one year.

If you find a job via Procam, your data will be stored in accordance with the legal storage periods. If you do not find a job via Procam, your data will be stored for two months after notification of the same. The data of business relations will be stored for up to two years after termination of the business relationship.

If you have informed us that you no longer wish to use our service provision, we will store your personal data in accordance with the legal storage period.


Procam will only share your personal data if necessary for our service provision and sharing will be limited to the absolute minimum. We may share your personal data with the following organisations:

  • (Potential) clients
  • Providers supplying services or carrying out activities on our behalf
  • (Potential) collaborative partners or transfer parties
  • Government bodies (if legally obliged)

COOKIES uses cookies. A cookie is a tiny text file which is sent by our website to the device you use to visit our website, to be stored there. Cookies store data and send these back to the party which placed the cookie. The most important function of cookies is to distinguish different users. We also use some cookies in order to collect information about how our website is used. This enables us to improve our website and your user experience.

When you visit our website, you will be shown a cookie notification. In order to prevent this popping up all the time, we use a cookie to remember whether you closed the cookie notification. You can disable cookies on your browser, but this might adversely affect the working of our website. Only you personally can remove cookies from your device. Please consult your browser’s user instructions to find out how to do this.


These cookies remember decisions made by users of our website and are solely intended to record usage of the website, such as language preference, type of browser, information completed earlier, etc


Our website also places a Google Analytics cookie. We use this service to track and report how our visitors use our website.


Finally, Google Adwords places a cookie via our website in order to measure clicks and conversions, such as successful registration on our website. These data enable us to improve our advertising campaigns.

The period during which the cookies will remain on the device depends on the type of cookie. Session cookies are removed from your computer automatically on logging out. Permanent cookies have a life cycle varying from 30 days to several years.


If you would like to check which of your personal data we have processed, or if you have a request to change, transfer or remove your personal data, you can do so by sending an email to:


If you have any complaint about the way we process your personal data, we would like to be given the opportunity to discuss with you how we may solve your complaint. You are also entitled at any time to submit your complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

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