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Den haag, 30 years old. Freelance UX Designer, loves the sea and the fight with the elements by surfing the waves.

Chat Report

  • Walks an hour a day with her dog, preferably through the dunes
  • Biggest hobby is kitesurfing. Spends quite some time on it together with her friends.
  • Does not like concerts or going out, because she doesn’t like big crowds.
  • Conversation is a bit rough. She talks quite matter of factly, barely any flirting.


Amstelveen, 26 years old. Teacher in biology, loves going to festivals and chilling out!

Chat Report

  • Did a contest in “worst opening lines”, she won.
  • Big fan of dance and trance music. Loves going to those kinds of festivals.
  • Has been to many different countries. Those beaches of Mexico, I could lay there for weeks!
  • Is a teacher in biology and has her basic teaching degree. Wants to continue with her advanced teaching degree. Management might eventually even be an aspiration.


Leiden, 31 years old. BI Consultant, likes to have active holidays (prefers hiking above bronzing), loves stand-up comedy.

Chat Report

  • Easy opening, starts with a joke and asks a lot of interesting questions
  • Is going to Norway with friends this summer for wild camping, cayaking and do some nice hikes.
  • Tells me about a concert she has just been to.
  • Proposes to meet at a craft-beer brewery, she’d love to talk face to face!


Amsterdam, 28 years old. In training to be a specialized doctor, loves to travel. Rock makes the world go around!

Chat Report

  • Fun conversation. Is open and makes terrible but very funny jokes.
  • Went to New Zealand with her family and loved to hike through the beautiful mountains there.
  • Went to a concert of the Rolling Stones recently, which was amazing. That Mick Jagger still rocks!
  • Spends many weekends with her friends, having drinks in a pub or playing boardgames.


Haarlem, 33 years old. Top triathlete, outdoor-type, loves going to concerts.

Chat Report

  • Fun and easy conversation about common interests
  • Her sport is number one and she spends most of her time on training (camps). Therefore, she has little time for friends and family and must plan quality time. A boyfriend has to adjust on that.
  • Enjoys concerts, especially Korean-pop. There is one next month, want to join?!


Rotterdam, 30 years old. Marketing Manager Ahoy Rotterdam, likes to party, music lover, enjoys rough nature.

Chat Report

  • After a short chat about our shared passions  she didn’t respond anymore. Too bad…


Utrecht, 30 years old. Primary school teacher, always listening to music, self-proclaimed weirdo, my favourite place is my couch.

Chat Report

  • Mainly listens to Top40 music and is a huge fan of Katy Perry
  • Goes on holiday every now and then. But mostly close to home and a good book is all she needs.
  • Likes her job and is fine with where she is. No idea if she wants to do something else in the future.
  • Watches a lot of movies and like having drinks with friends.


Amsterdam, 29 years old. Lead singer in a professional rock band, likes good food and city trips.

Chat Report

  • Good match on music, we went to the same concert last month
  • She lives day by day and will see what the future brings, carpe diem is her motto
  • Interested in new cultures and art
  • I like the topics we talk about, but the chat is difficult. The initiative is always on my side and she doesn’t ask me any questions.


Utrecht, 29 years old. Management Trainee, plays guitar, likes having fun with her friends. I like to discover the world, who wants to join?

Chat Report

  • Direct click by talking about our first experiences on this dating-app.
  • Not too fast to respond on the messages, because she’s quite busy and has quite a lot of social meetings. She does make an effort to respond and seems really interested in what I’m saying.
  • Just got back from Scotland with her parents. It was rainy, but hiking through the Scottish Highlands was amazing!
  • Has been playing guitar since she was five. Enjoys classic rock and pop music.


Amsterdam, 26 years old. Student Economics, will travel the world and break the glass ceiling.

Chat Report

  • Has quite a list of countries she wants to go to during her holidays
  • Very ambitious, wants to climb the corporate ladder and get a job in higher management
  • Focus is a lot on getting high grades and getting a good job. Doesn’t go to pubs or social events that often.
  • Not that much into music, would rather watch a good series
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